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Welcome to a unique Dining experience in Geneva

á table chez ANOU

- Private Gourmet Plant-based Dinners -

The Concept

Making Home Cooking Glamorous

A table Chez Anou is the brain child of Architect and Plant based Chef Anou Boccasam. With a vision to combine some of the most essential and fundamental principles of Food, in May 2014, on a whim Anou opened her home to  ‘discerning foodies’ for a unique ‘culinary moment’ of commensal. On select Tuesdays, you come together at a common table to wine, dine and share lively conversations with a diverse group of guests for a one of kind experience. With unique themes, never repeat menus and thoughtful conversations, it’s designed to titillate all your senses. Conscious Living has never been more exciting, fun and delicious.

The Food

Sustainability on a Plate

With an emphasis on all things healthy, the menus are designed to be a wholesome balanced meal filled with local, seasonal and organic produce and fair trade ingredients of the highest quality sourced from around the world. Anou creates her own recipes by marrying ancient Indian cooking wisdom with vintage  ingredients and new age super foods. You can find an eclectic mix of colors, textures, flavors and cuisines that draws on ancient Ayurvedic principles with a modern twist. Discover Turmeric Lattes,  Reishi Mushroom Cappuccino, Indian Kamboucha, Zucchini pasta with kale pesto, Apple Bhel or Vegan Macha Ice cream to name a few.

The Experience

A moment of ‘Kansha‘

(gratitude in Japanese)
The table d’hôte experience is designed primarily to make you feel at home. You are greeted by the Hostess and Chef  with a welcome glass of champagne as she shares her story.  As diners meet and greet each other over amuse bouche, detox waters and specialized seasonal drinks, the Chef preps your degustation menu. The theme dictates the flow of the conversation, table settings and plating. Some nights it’s an Indian Thali, or a minimalist Vegan sushi. We end with sugar-free desserts, herbal teas and coffee. While asking for seconds is encouraged, so also is licking your fingers and laughing out loud. So Hmmming and ahhhing is welcome. We know you are experiencing a moment of ‘Kansha’ (gratitude) when you are silent!


Contact Us

+41 76 344 64 63
70 ave Louis-casaï
1216 Cointrin – CH