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Giving is the secret of Abundance

Tät is the sacred beginning word that means – “it is, that it is” –

Tät is the ethos of an Abundant Life. A life based on unleashing our individual potential to create opportunities for oneself and those around us.
Tät is a network of Abundance Champions who know that the secret of Abundance is Giving. By identifying and scaling the potential of this heart-set Tät harnesses the potential to create “Abundanceprenuers” around the world and share the impact on the lives of the people they have touched. Tät’s mission is to actively engage with individuals, private and civil society to achieve tangible results including conscious learning, giving, sharing, growing and eating.
One of the ways in which Abundance is unleashed is by “paying it forward” – doing a good deed for someone in a way that they feel inspired to do a good deed for another, leading to a ripple effect of good deeds…. thereby spreading Abundance – Tät

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