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Who we are

An architect by trade, chef by passion and purpose and change maker by choice. She creatively weaves three unique disciplines of Architecture, Food and Social Impact to create awareness for Conscious Living. An integrated, Geneva-based brand, she provides innovative, high quality services through three core segments: Live, Eat and Give.Always guided by her values, she brings her passion for Contemporary design and Architecture together with her unique brand of plant based cuisine making you reimagine the way you experience life. She achieves this goal, by employ innovative techniques, creative thinking and a joyful smile!


with purpose

Everything we make is crafted with purpose. From tasty recipes to decluttered spaces, our services thoughtfully improve on people’s lives.


and sustainable

We’ve learned along the journey that sustainability can be a catalyst for good. It’s key to creating a healthier, more just, and sustainable way of life.


from within

The approach we take is personalized and draws from personal experiences. We encourage mindful ways of living, but never compromising on happiness.
We are committed to positively affecting the wellbeing and happiness of those we encounter, helping them make balanced choices that increase quality of life, without compromise. We focus on tangible services and recommendations, that revisit specific acts of production and consumption.
We are mindful of our effect on the environment around us. We are equally conscious of the influence the environment and our choices have on our wellbeing.
Inspiration is good. Inspiration combined with action is better.

Our Services

Our Beliefs

   We believe excellence is not an act, but a habit
   We believe happiness is not a reward but a consequence
   We believe good food can taste great
   We believe green does not have to be bland
   We believe healthy living is not a compromise
   We believe that sometimes less is more
   We share knowledge and information with each other
   We are inquisitive and receptive to change and ideas
   We give and receive constructive feedback
   We cooperate to maximise what life can bring to us all
   We believe that simplicity is not a concession
   We know our differences make us stronger


Contact Us

+41 76 344 64 03
70 ave Louis-casaï
1216 Cointrin – CH

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