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Healthy meals anywhere anytime


Our food should bring us nourishment, medicine, support and joy, not just what our taste buds like or easily available. It should make us feel good, look great and perform better. With this in mind we have designed an Ayurvedic cleanse and rejuvenation plan. We use own recipes and cook them in the ayurvedic tradition. Farm market produce, hand-picked vegetables and herbs from the gardens that are local, organic, seasonal and fresh form the core of these meals. We source fair trade organic ingredients and super foods from around the world, but always balancing the footprint of each meal.
A 3 day plan is recommended for most people, we won’t blame you if you become an addict of healthy food and want to order it every day.

How it works

How does it work?
Within Geneva, we deliver right to your door, fresh every morning or the night before – at your convenience.
Why should i do it?
Because it’s time to give your metabolism a kick start and your immune system a well deserved boost. You deserve to feel great!
What is in PranaYum daily box?
Detox water, Kickstarter drink, Happy Belly Meal, Sugar – me – not Dessert, Goddess Juice
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